Realm's Returners

Casual commitment, heavy roleplay Free company located on the Mateus server.

"Got some bad news for you, friend. The bad news is that the Garleans are going to come back and they're not going to rest until all of us are dead. It's easy to sit here and imagine that you're safe behind these walls, that the war will never find it's way to your door. I can promise you that this daydream of yours is going to come down crashing hard when the Magitek army is at the gates and you've got no way out. Now, you don't have to fret or feel powerless. There's a whole host of people, lost souls looking for a place to call home. A place where you can always return to.

We're the Returners, because everyone's got a place they call home. As long as you're ready to fight for that place, you'll fit in just fine." - Heidrek, worst recruitment officer the Returners have.

About Us

FC Tag: <RR-RP>Leadership: Valentina NoykinOfficers: Heidrek Warsong, Raashk Talgarr, Derelith OlkundActivity Times: PST EveningAlignment: Chaotic Good to Neutral. We are more morally grey than actively shiny and upstanding.
The Returners are a group styled more as an adventuring party than a traditional free company. They are a loosely collected group of characters who have found a social group (or dare we say family) through combat and crisis and used that to form the Returners. They are a Free Company whose goals are ultimately survival through the coming storm, together. The Returners take mercenary work, guard work, whatever work to keep their skills sharp- so long as that work is mostly legal and not morally objectionable. They are effective if not a little sloppy. Folks with troubled pasts, baggage, or inner demons are welcomed, so long as they know how not to make their problems everyone's problems.

At this time the primary campaign for the Realm's Returners is taking place on the First. New characters are absolutely welcome to join. Some alts and characters remain behind on the Source, but they will be secondary to the campaign taking place with the primary characters.

As time and plots go on, we will eventually return to fight the Garleans once more.

Rules of the Free Company

The free company leader (Jackie/Valentina) and the three officers (Raashk, Heidrik, Derelith) have final say in all matters. All members must be over 18 years of age.Everyone is expected to behave in a manner that reflects a friendly, inclusive guild. Spamming, Trolling, Harassment, etc will result in immediate removal from the free company. Players are encouraged to work out any issues among themselves, but in cases where that cannot be done, please speak to an officer in private.By nature this free company is casual. There are no activity requirements to remain a member, but we may demote long-gone members to remove their access to things like the company chest in case of account breach. The free company chest is open to all trusted members (a member who is either known outside of the FC or one who has been around for a little bit) but please remember that chest is shared. It is for everyone, and you should try to donate as much as you take. If the chest helped you get started once, pay it forward by returning some new player stuff to the chest later on once you are more established. All gil in the free company bank is being held to be used towards large cost purchases such as housing upgrades. Members may also request gil for things such as purchasing a free company room or completing an expensive craft project. Only Valentina has the ability to withdraw gil. Members of the Free Company are limited to 2 characters within the company.
Character Rules:

Characters should speak and behave according to their personalities and motivations, not those of the person playing them. Drama/torment/tragedy is a good storytelling tool, but lets not beat each other over the head with it. It is a fine tool like a scalpel, not a club.Roleplaying is a collaborative hobby, focus on telling stories and having fun as a group. The spotlight does not belong to one person or character. In general, we prefer people stick to the lore of the world. Some flexibility is given for the sake of having fun. Your character should fit within the Final Fantasy setting. If you are unsure if your idea will mesh with the group, ask us!

Joining Us

Currently the Returners have space for 2-3 active players willing to join in our ongoing Campaign. The campaign takes place On Tuesdays at 7:30 PST.

The Returners do not have an application process, instead preferring to meet people and see if they are a social fit for our group.

The best way to get to know us is to chat with us in game. In general we are seeking people who are;

Chill, low drama, and don't take themselves too seriously.Eager and willing to take initiative in stories.Fit well with our active times (PST evenings)Creative and looking to craft stories with others, and not just about themselves.
If we sound like your kind of people, hit us up. The best way to find out if we fit your needs is to get to know us. You can find contact information in the Contact Us link.

Contact Us

Feel free to drop by our house in Goblet Ward 15, Plot 8. You can also message any of our officers for an invite to our Linkshell.

If you would like to contact us directly or inquire about joining, please reach out via our discord; Linky

Current Storyline...

At this time the primary campiagn for the Realm's Returners is taking place on the First. New characters are absolutely welcome to join.

The story continues every Tuesday at 7:30 PST.

Current Recap:
The Returners headed out to Il Mheg, to seek the other half of their broken Airship. While this time it was not guarded by Elumoran guards, they did have to fight off Fey who wanted to make the group into new playthings.

The ship itself contained several unbroken crates, filled with personal effects, and several broken Allagan relics from their work in Mor Dhona. The fey lands are no place to study these, however, and the group turned around to head back to the Crystarium. Along the way, a contingent of Elumore soldiers came through the pass, much too large and organized to be worried about one half of an airship.

Returning to Lakeland brought even bigger surprises. The sky was filled with darkness and stars, even if a golden glow was still lingering on the horizon.

The events of Holminster Switch have come to pass, the Warrior of Darkness has slain the first Lightwarden, changing the game world around the Returners.

Campaign Intro:

L'Arrgo Tia, the Seeker of the Sun who regularly gave them menial labour in the past, finally had an exciting contract and a letter was delivered to each of the Returners;

We have a very high paying job in Mor Dhona near Saint Coinach’s Find. We need all hands for this one. Seems L'Arrgo Tia has more work for us, but he’s paying triple right now as other companies have turned him down. Don’t fret, it’s all perfectly legal. We won’t be broaching the area around the Tower there that the Ironworks seem so keen on guarding. We will be there to recover and organize things found in North Silvertear. However, this is delicate work and we need both our guard minded sorts and our artificers.

This isn’t an optional job-- we need that gil. Our coffers are nearly empty after acquiring our ship and having those jobs fall through.

I will be arranging transport via our new ship to Mor Dhona within the next week. Shouldn’t take us more than four or five days. When we get back it’s roast Dzo and Dodo for everyone and a very generous stipend.

Oh and we can afford to keep the gas running for the stove and heat at night.

I’ll see you all on the ship.


As the days passed leading up to the job, the Sanctuary was abuzz with activity and preparation. The ship was loaded, packed with supplies and those bearing the white-raven crest of the Returners. Launching day wasn’t a sendoff with fanfare, but a lurch into a stormy sky and a turbulent ride.

For being such an ethereal place, Mor Dhona turned out to be somewhat dull work. Somewhere between appraisal and labour, it seemed only a couple of other companies were brought on to excavate the dull patch of blue crystal. The Tower loomed in the distance, no doubt plundered by more exciting heroes with better stories to tell before this trip. The work ahead of the Returners turned out to be more of a two week project, than five days as promised.

Other teams were brought in, hired help from all over. Many hands should have made light work, but there was too much work ahead for it to be anything but.

By day four, side projects had quietly begun to stave of the monotony of the task. A few of the Returners found broken things to tinker with, or old metal coins to collect, or trinkets to clean off. They technically weren’t supposed to be pocketing anything, but L'Arrgo Tia only had interest in the Allagan things that looked mostly unbroken. Their benefactor had been there to greet them, but had not remained. They were working unsupervised.

Maybe that was to blame for the incident or maybe it was just someone striking something they shouldn’t. Maybe it was the mess of broken Allagan junk being piled in one corner. Maybe it was the coffee being two degrees too hot that day, causing someone to snap at one of the retainers who was doing his best to just keep the group fed.

Whatever it was, it happened. The world was weightless, and then it was gone, replaced by sound and light and pain. The Returners have found themselves ripped from their world, with only the clothes on their backs, and sent elsewhere.

Our Cast of Characters

Here you will find short descriptions of our characters, to help folks who want to join us, or just want to find us in game for roleplay!

This page is a work in progress and will be updated regularly. Members usually write their own descriptions. As such, some members may not yet have anything here yet!

Valentina Noykin

A Noykin Xaela who collects and trains all manner of beast, and sells Steppe breed horses. Valentina runs the Returners with a stern stare and sweets for bribery.

Heidrek Warsong

An Ala Mhigan easily distinguished by a boisterous personality, loud facepaint and brightly coloured hair. Accomplished slayer of both man and beast. Walking a new path as an acolyte of the Destroyer.

Raashk Talgar

A massive Hellsguard Roegadyn who works as a 'Butler' with the Returners.

Ignore the knives.

Derelith Olkund

Steppe sharpshooter. Derelith spends most of his days tinkering inside and avoiding bumping into doorways. He's never without the pistol on his belt.


The Honorable Samurai with a heart of gold. Not afraid to channel his inner turmoil to protect who he cares for, and worried about the lengths his family will take to find him.

Veronica Nightfire

A slightly awkward and intense Viera woman, a stranger in a strange land. Voidsent huntress, thaumaturge, lady of fluffy ears.

Sarantuya Qestir

A silent Qestir far from her tribe. She does not have trouble making her feelings known.


A Hrothgar who found himself caught up in the Returners after they managed to get themselves thrown to the aether between worlds.


A woman from the First who has never seen the night. Fumi is the unwitting guide of the confused Returners in a land of perpetual light.

Alt Characters

Everyone in the returners is permitted one alt in the RP. These characters below might be seen a little less.


A quick little Lalafell with even a quicker tongue. When his persuasions fail, expect him to bring his axe. Simple needs and simple desires.

Gabe Aubrey

Perpetually smiling Mi'qote gentleman. Raised in Girdania, traveled to Ul'dah to try and do charity. He quickly learned Ul'dah is a terrible place to do charity.

Cornelia Xau

Ul'dah street rat turned adventurer, Cornelia is always looking for her next scheme.

Khaishan Noykin

The twin brother of Valentina, he's less inclined to continue the traditions of their tribe. Engrossed in his studies of the arcane, he much prefers companions he can summon.


Exiled from the Forest, Mrrja has adapted easily to Eorzean society, especially Ishgard's high class. She is strict, snobbish, and normally uncaring unless its about her son, Atherion. She SOMETIMES cares when something happens to Heidrek. Depends on her mood.

Inactive Characters

Inactive members are full members who had to step away from the game for a time, or have things going on elsewhere! We keep their seat warm until they return.

Wysteria Kitsunebi

A kami priestess that supports her allies through song and dance. Wysteria has a kind heart and offers a smile to all she meets. Born in Hingashi, she is a fledgling adventurer that is eager to explore the lands of Eorzea and make new friends.

Leih Rhun-Kha

An unlucky Miqo'te half-breed orphan turned dragoon, Leih is Heidrek's adoptive daughter and the wife of Shiun Kha. Normally active as a mercenary, she's taking some time away from active work to start her own family. Loves dragons even though she is a trained dragon killer, ironically.

Nazzwyda Klyndaegwyn

A former Limsa Lominsa fish merchant-turned-aspiring journalist. Nazzwyda is a neurotic but kind-hearted middle-aged Roegadyn who wants to see the world and all its people before having to settle down.